with Ivy and Ruscus

200 ml / 6.76 fl.oz.


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Body cream with active firming and anti-cellulite ingredient. It stimulates cellular metabolism, improving local microcirculation thanks to Caffeine, Carnitine and Ruscus. It has a draining action thanks to Escin for smooth, even skin.

USE: apply the cream, twice a day,to the areas to be treated and massage with circular motion until completely absorbed.

IVY to relax and tone
In the form of extract it has soothing, toning properties coadjuvant in the treatment of cellulite, skin tension and swelling.

RUSCUS for peripheral circulation
In the form of extract, it improves micro-circulation and tones the vessel walls, improving the peripheral circulation.

CAFFEINE for anti-inflammatory action
Helps increase cellular metabolism thus promoting the hydrolysis of triglycerides in fatty acids and glycerin.

CARNITINE against "orange peel" skin
Increases the metabolism of adipocytes and facilitates local micro-circulation by promoting the reduction of the lipid layer.

ESCIN to promote the well-being of the micro-circulatory system
It has an anti-inflammatory, vasoprotective and vasoconstrictor action on the blood vessels, counteracting the formation of edemas: it increases the resistance of the capillaries, reduces the vessel permeability, thus promoting the elimination of the interstitial fluids accumulated.

LEMON to detoxify and tone
The essential oil purifies the dermis and stimulates circulation favoring the reduction of imperfections.